Surveys and Mapping

System survey

Surveys and MappingAccurate mapping

  • speeds operations, saving time and money¬†
  • simplifies planning for the future
  • aids maintenance of the system
  • clarifies discussion about a system
  • keeps a permanent record of your assets

Possessing accurate plans and records of your water and sewerage systems is an invaluable aid to planning, whether you are conducting routine maintenance, considering new works to extend your system, seeking resolution of operational issues or preparing for emergencies.

Our surveys provide you with the key information you need.  The location of pipe work and valves, confirmation of materials used and line and level of the pipes and sewers.

Why not combine the survey with a water audit to provide you with recommendations for the improvement of your systems?

An accurate survey showing line and levels of sewerage pipe work can reveal the likely causes of regular blockages and indicate the reason for poor operating systems.

Survey map showing sewerage pipework

We provide a report to supplement the survey work, outlining any weaknesses in system design identified during the survey work. Survey information can be supported with more detailed information about pipe work condition through the employment of CCTV.