Water and Sewerage Related Case Studies

Design of a Water System

Water Maxim design a water distribution system for a National Trust Estate.

Design of a Water SystemDomestic Water Metering Scheme


Sewage Treatment

Design of an enhanced sewage treatment for a residential caravan park to achieve Environment Agency discharge consent standard.

Sewage TreatmentDomestic Water Metering Scheme


Sewage Treatment

New sewage treatment plant design provides a high standard of treatment to farm house effluent.
Direct discharge to the ditch removes the problem of periodic surcharging.

Sewage TreatmentDomestic Water Metering Scheme


Sewage Treatment Plant

Comprehensive review of existing sewage treatment arrangements on this site to provide enhanced sewage treatment capability and greater capacity for farm, buildings and cottages (to meet current daily flows and allow some capacity for expansion of bed and breakfast and camping facilities on site).

Sewage Treatment PlantDomestic Water Metering Scheme

Water & Sewerage Mapping

Water Maxim assigned by the Haufryn Group to identify the water and sewerage capacity of a newly acquired holiday park.

Water and Sewerage MappingDomestic Water Metering Scheme

Water Treatment

Basic water treatment for a shallow well in rural Dorset.

Water Treatment Domestic Water Metering Scheme