Risk Assessments

Benefits of Risk Assessment

  • To enable control measures to be devised
  • To gain an idea of the relative importance of risks
  • To take decisions on controls which are cost effective and appropriate.

Loss of water supply, failure of supplies, contamination, poor water quality, loss of potability, un-wholesome supplies all present risks for the people that use or manage a water supply. Our engineers can provide you with assessments of your water system in relation to any of the issues that represent high risks to you or your business. In understanding the risks you are then able to manage and control them to limit their potential impact.

Our comprehensive risk assessments can include site inspections, water analyses (such as temperature and water quality), a prioritised summary of the risks found, full report, development of a maintenance and control scheme and preparation of schematic diagrams as required.

Amongst our risk assessments we offer a legionella risk assessment, see the frequently asked questions section on legionella.