Design and Specification

System design

Water system design and planningWell designed systems

  • use water efficiently moderating use and saving you money
  • are easy to manage and operate reducing operational and maintenance spending
  • embrace the future minimising later capital spending on system enhancement
  • comply with regulations and standards
  • experience fewer operational interruptions

Whether you are at an initial design stage or planning to extend and develop your water supply or sewerage system we can help you. Our engineers can provide you with advice on water and sewage systems, including;

  • storage; reservoir, tank and wet well selection
  • pipe sizing; mains, drains and sewer laterals
  • pressure regimes; booster pumps and pumping stations
  • water and sewage treatment

Our complete service includes design, specification and detailing of systems.

As well as system design Water Maxim can provide guidance on specific needs concerning system performance such as;

  • water; poor pressure, low flow, leakage and wastage
  • sewerage; periodic blockage, surcharging, effluent quality, or smell.