Feasibility Studies & Project Costing

Feasibility studies

  • define the aims and objectives for schemes
  • test attainability of objectives
  • identify options to achieve aims
  • can be used to indicate fastest, cheapest and most cost-effective ways to achieve objectives

New schemes often represent significant capital expenditure. Before funds are committed to a project it can be valuable to establish whether the objectives of a scheme can be achieved, whether there are different ways to achieve those objectives and which of those ways is likely to provide the best return on the capital that you are proposing to invest. 

An understanding and consideration of the risks to be managed to maximise the chances of success of the project together with careful preparation of a system performance specification to achieve the scheme objectives, can save time and money in the delivery of an effective system.

Our Engineers will set out the options to achieve your objectives and will establish whether these objectives can be cost-effectively achieved, providing budget costs for project options.