ECA Water Efficiency Grants FAQs

Q: Are allowances available to businesses to encourage the efficient use of water?

A: Yes, there are Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) providing tax relief for businesses that invest in technologies that benefit water use and quality.

Q: How does the scheme work?

A: You can claim tax relief on qualifying investments within one year, which improves cash-flow and reduces payback periods.

Q: What technologies are covered by the scheme?

A: A water technology list is available from the web site, (see our web links page) or you can contact us for a copy of the list using the form on the Contact us page. We will be happy to discuss with you how the scheme can benefit your business circumstances.

Q: Seems easy, what should I watch out for?

A: Make sure that the equipment that you choose is covered by the scheme! We can help you with this, in fact we can help you with design, procurement and installation of whatever you need to improve the efficiency of your water use...and can tell you which box to fill in on your tax return to take advantage of the capital allowances.

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